99-year-old West Vancouver man recovers from COVID-19 in retirement home

Reuben Huva made a full recovery after contracting coronavirus at Hollyburn House earlier this month

A 99-year-old West Vancouver man who tested positive for COVID-19 has recovered completely and is back to his “cheerful old self,” his daughter says.

Reuben Huva, who lives in Hollyburn House retirement home, started developing minor symptoms earlier this month, Linda Horspool said.

He was tired, not eating well and had a slight cough, so staff initially thought her father had a cold, she said. On March 11, she got a call saying he’d tested positive for COVID-19. 

“We were probably seeing what was dad’s death sentence,” recalled Horspool, a retired doctor.

“I didn’t really think a 99-year-old in a wheelchair could possibly survive it, to be honest.”